May 2019 HAHD Events!

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How to: Write and Use a Press Release

Photo by from PexelsDoing something cool, like celebrating your Have a Hart Day Chapter’s anniversary, or volunteer someplace really cool like a gala?  Want people to hear about it?  Try sending a press release to your local media–yet another tool in your Captain’s Toolkit.

The Harry Potter Alliance has a really great How-to for writing a press release.  Once your press release is written, look for local publications to send it to–these may be found as easily as googling “where to send a press release + your city.”  Also, look for your local alt weeklies and small hometown newspapers.

Any questions?  Comment below!  Want to start a Have a Hart Day chapter in your city?  Email Us.  Did you see some of the other tools we have for captains?

May 2019 Somerville Mobile Market Wrap Up

Have a Hart Day Boston

Thanks to the Hartosexuals who showed up to The Greater Boston Food BankMobile Market in Somerville this morning (whom I neglected to get a photo of because…oops). We helped move over a ton of food and feed 80 families!
Reminder: June is the TSWGO Gala, so email Heather if you want in, and July 13 we are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of our current Boston management back where we started in Somerville.image1 (11).jpegimage2 (8).jpeg

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🎳 HAHD South Bend Chapter Turning 2!

Our Have a Hart Day (HAHD) siblings in South Bend, IN are turning two in April 2019.  To celebrate, they are holding a celebration/food drive at Strikes and Spares in Mishawaka, IN.  South Bend HAHD‘s food drive plus celebration will be on April 14.

HAHD South Bend is turning 2!
HAHD South Bend is turning 2!

Please join them to celebrate and follow their Twitter and Instagram.  Huge congrats to our family in South Bend for making it to two years!  If you want to become a HAHD City Captain in your city,  email us at

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Reblog: March 2019 Wrap Up

Check out what our Boston volunteers were up to today!

Have a Hart Day Boston

Huge thank you to the six awesome Hartosexuals who came out to volunteer at the Greater Boston Food Bank today for Have a Hart Day!  We sorted over 6,000 lbs of food for a brown bag food pantry!  Thank you!  It was great to see so many new faces!

Join us in May, or June!  Reminder we have a Facebook GroupTwitterTumblr, and Instagram.

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How to: Use Facebook Groups for HAHD Volunteer Recruitment

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Have a Hart Day Boston

One great tool we have used to build our Boston Have a Hart Day (HAHD) volunteers* is Facebook Groups.  As you know, we have our own Boston Have a Hart Day Facebook Group.  The ones which we have had the best luck with are local and alumni groups.

fbgroupStep 1:  Find a “local” Facebook Group.  Up in the search bar of Facebook, type the name of the town or city whose group you want to join.  (We actually mainly use smaller groups from the suburb our captain lives in, but the city your HAHD group is based out of may work as well).  Once you get the search results, click on the “groups” link.

Step 2:  Join a group.  If you see a promising group, join it!

Step 3:  Make your first post.  “I’m recruiting for [event] at [place] with City HAHD.  I’m a [group] native.  [insert link…

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How To Publicize Your HAHD Event: Patch

Photo by from PexelsThis lesson’s disclaimers are as follows:  1.  The person writing this also writes for her local Patch and 2.  Much like Spingo, Patch is for people in the United States.

Patch is a free website which prides itself on hyper-local news.  It also has a calendar section.

Step 1: Register for a Patch Account.  Select your location.

Step 2:  Under, go to the event tab.  Enter your Have a Hart Day event’s info.  Link to your Facebook event.

Step 3:  Enter the address and the date.  Bam!  You are done.  Patch is a popular website, as such getting your HAHD event on your local Patch’s calendar will help increase visibility and also your group’s visibility in search engines like Google

Any questions?  Comment below!  Want to start a Have a Hart Day chapter in your city?  Email Us.  Did you see some of the other tools we have for captains?

February 2019 HAHD Event Wrap Up!

💟Huge thanks and congratulations to all the awesome Hartosexuals who came out to Have a Hart Day (HAHD) events in February 2019!  Thank you to all of our amazing City Captains who make these events possible, we are always seeking new cities to expand into if you want to become a captain.

📦Four volunteers (including some of their South Bend, IN siblings) worked as part of Chicago Have a Hart Day at The Greater Chicago Food Depository to help repack 6384 pounds of brown rice into 2128 bags to be delivered to families in need.

👟 The South Bend Have a Hart Day chapter helped get things ready for the coaches at Girls on The Run Michiana!

🌶️ Boston Have a Hart Day had two very cold volunteers who helped sort and distribute food to over 90 families at The Greater Boston Food Bank’s Somerville Mobile Market.

🔜Stay tubed to Have a Hart Day’s InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for information about our upcoming events.

😻As a quick side note, Have a Hart Day has a new volunteer coordinator.  Hi, I’m Heather–I have been the City Captain for HAHD Boston for about three years now.  I genuinely love Have a Hart Day and I want its captains and volunteers to have good experiences, so please feel free to email me if you ever need anything.

How To Publicize Your HAHD Event: Spingo

Before we start, two huge caveats:  1.  Spingo is a freemium service–HAHDBoston has only used the free version.  2.  As far as I can see, it’s only for events in the USA.

Spingo 101

Spingo is a website you can submit your Have a Hart Day (HAHD) event and they will post it to their calendar as well as other sites’ calendars (Boston’s free version, for example, publishes it to as well as a New Hampshire news site’s calendar).

Step 1:  Open Spingo’s Add Event page.  Enter your HAHD event details–if your location can be shared and isn’t on there, it’s easy to add it.

Step 2:  Make certain you are clicking NO on the offers for premium publicity.  In addition to the Facebook event link for your event, consider adding your HAHD Chapter’s Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook links as well.

Step 3:  You should get an email from Spingo in about a day saying that your event is up.

Any questions?  Comment below!  Want to start a Have a Hart Day chapter in your city?  Email Us.